Elsword online hack

Informations about:
Name:Elsword Online hack v1.6
Size:4 MB
More informations:
- auto update
- small size
- fly hack
- anti-ban
- god mode
- wall hack
- Autopick up


About Elsword Online:

Let’s say it now: Elsword is a beautiful game. Hand-drawn cutscenes, cell-shaded graphics and flashy effects, all using bright, vivid colors, make for a very satisfying visual experience. You start out in the character creator where you choose your name along with your preferred persona. Considering the differences between each of the characters, this is a fairly important step; Elsword is the melee/tank character, Aisha is a mage with the capacity of attacking a lot of foes at once, and Rena is the long ranged character (Who could also be built for melee). The tutorial is complete, and accessible from the character menu afterward if you need a refresher. It explains efficiently the ins and outs of the system while peppering you with bits of the story, and introducing the characters to each other. Here you might also notice that Elsword indeed has voice acting, which is definitely an uncommon trait for free-to-play MMOs, and something we hope to see more. The sound in this game isn’t especially striking, the music is similar to other anime-ish games, and the sound effects are fair. The story is simple but deliberate in its style and pace; the anime inspirations ooze from every pixel.

Fire up your fighting spirit!

Profiting from previous experience with Grand Chase, KOG was successful in designing this combat system in a way that lessened the repetition slightly. To this end, they implemented a combo system which, depending on what key you hit (Z for light/fast hit, X for heavy), will chain up differently, and allow you to follow-up with special moves of your choice. The fighting here is truly the thick of the action, it’s fluid, fun, though a bit repetitive. Apart from combos, a significant part of the fighting system is the skill tree which has you put points into skills of your own choosing, some of which are entirely new special moves. One of these is a defensive move specific to each character, for an example, Aisha’s is a teleport,and Elsword’s is a counterattack block. These special moves use varying amounts of your mana bar(regenerated with time, or through fighting) to perform sort of “limit break” effects. You have four slots to put skills of your choosing, allowing you to diversify your play style, to a certain extent.

Wally’s Castle

The game essentially functions in the usual Kill X, Collect Y, go to Z fashion. You’ll acquire your quests in town, and then proceed to the outskirts of town where you create or join dungeon groups. Apart from PvP, all of the action happens in instanced, 4-players dungeons. These are fairly simple, go from point A to point B killing everything in-between, including a boss at the end. Before these, you may choose your preferred difficulty level, as many quests require you to play on Hard or Very Hard. This does not make much of a difference however, barring the time and length of the dungeon, and the difficulty remains fairly tame. A big part of the fun here comes from doing them in a group, as repeating dungeons solo turns them into a chore fairly quickly. The action truly shines in this instance, with flashy moves flying left and right, and bosses often going down to your teammates before you can even lift a finger. The PvP is just as entertaining, and much faster paced! The fighting happens in smaller arenas where you either compete in a free-for-all, or in a team deathmatch in which the objective is to have the best kill count. One strange thing about the action is how resilient the players are. Taking down a player takes a long time due to humongous amounts of hit-points, which tend to make matches longer, and slightly more tiresome than they need to be.